Medical Articles Index

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Article Month and Year
Alcohol risk on long term health Feb-12
Allergies may reduce cancer risk Jun-10
Anal cancer Sep-14
Aromatase inhibitor for post menopausal women Mar-14
Aromatherapy Jan/Feb 05
Aromatherapy and Cancer Sep/Oct 07
Artificial sweetener retesting Jun-11
Aspirin to avoid cancers? Dec-10
Aspirin to reduce cancer risk Jun-09
Avastin for ovarian cancer Jun-11
Benefit Claims – Macmillan helpline Jan/Feb 05
Benefits Adviser, Swindon Apr-08
Benzene in soft drinks JulAug 06
Bladder cancer – NICE guidance Mar-15
Blueberries and cancer Mar/Apr 07
Blood tests to indicate success of cancer treatment Jun-12
Bone marrow transplants made safer Nov/Dec 05
Bowel cancer – possible new treatment Dec-11
Bowel cancer screening Jun-08
Breast cancer – aspirin to avoid and treat Apr-08
Breast cancer – assess risk of genetic form Jun-13
Breast cancer – detection aids Dec-12
Breast cancer – gene found Dec-09
Breast cancer – genetic test Aug-11
Breast cancer – incidence Feb-11
Breast cancer – new test to predict return likelihood Jun-12
Breast cancer – patient experiences book Aug-09
Breast cancer – preventative pills Mar-15
Breast cancer – reduce risk of recurrence by exercise Jan/Feb 06
Breast cancer relapse – new test to predict likelihood Jun-12
Breast cancer – risk post menopause Oct-11
Breast cancer screening Apr-12
Breast Cancer – screening worthwhile? Apr-10
Cancer New Drugs Jun-14
Cancer Reform Strategy Dec 07/Jan 08
Cancer – Stem Cells Jun-14
Cancer Survival Rates Dec-08
Cancer Survivors’ Club Dec-12
Cancer treatment for wide range -17AAG targets protein Jul/Aug 05
Cancerbackup and Macmillan merge Feb-08
Carers emergency card scheme Oct-09
Cervical cancer – alternative test Sep-13
Cervical cancer – new test Mar-15
Cervical cancer – vaccine against Sep/Oct 05
Jul/Aug 06
Check out cancer symptoms Dec-09
Chemo hats Feb-10
Clinical Trials Directive 2004 slows clinical trials Jan/Feb 07
CLL – combination treatment Dec 07/Jan 08
CLL – identification of a key protein affecting chemotherapy Aug-08
CLL – treatments – Lymphoma Association Apr-08
Chocolate helps fight cancer May/Jun 05
Chocolate to lower risk of heart disease JulAug 06
Clinical Trials – regulation update Apr-11
Cold virus to kill cancer cells Sep/Oct 07
Colon cancer – eating fish can reduce risk Aug-12
Coffee good for us? Dec-11
Cure for many viruses on the way Apr-12
Cyberknife Aug-11
Diabetes drug and ovarian cancer Mar-13
Diet to combat breast cancer Apr-11
Dioxins in plastic and cancers Aug-09
Disabled Stuff Jun-09
Dopamine for NHL patients Mar/Apr 07
Drug delivery in a bubble Sep-15
Ecxtacy – modified version to treat blood cancers Oct-11
EPIC study (European Prospective Investigation of Cancer) Oct-09
Fatigue and exercise Dec-13
Fatigue – cancer related Jun-08
Feverfew to tackle leukaemia Jul/Aug 05
Fibrasorb – to reduce side effects of chemo May/Jun 06
Food & Hygiene Issues Jul/Aug 04
Food Hygiene – salads Mar/Apr 06
Friendly bacteria Sep/Oct 06
Fuel poverty – Macmillan campaign Apr-09
Gastro-Intestinal Cancers – new genetic test Mar/Apr 07
Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma – rituximab Apr-08
Future of Cancer May/Jun 05
Gamma Surgery Jun-12
Genome Project – one hundred thousand Sep-14
Hair loss from radiotherapy – gel treatment Apr-09
Hand wipes for neutropenic patients Aug-10
Health tools for avoiding cancer Dec-14
Healthy Living advice from Cancer Research Nov/Dec 06
Healthy recipes source Dec-12
Herceptin by injection Dec-13
Hodgkin’s lymphoma – genetic link? Dec-10
Honey – healing powers Jul/Aug 06
Hospital Parking Jun-08
Hypnosis – breast cancer recovery aid Mar-15
ICE (In Case of Emergency) Jun-09
Immune System – engineering t-cells to fight cancer May/Jun 05
Immune System – first step to engineering one Mar/Apr 07
Immune System- more targeting drugs Dec-14
Immunotherapy for melanoma and lung cancer Jun-14
Improving Outcomes – a cancer strategy Feb-11
Influenza Vaccination during Pregnancy / Childhood Leukaemia Nov/Dec 06
Iron Overload – deferasirox Sep/Oct 06
Laughter as medicine Sep-15
Leukaemia Research – all booklets revised Apr-08
Leukaemia Research – name change Feb-10
Life after cancer Mar-15
Liquid biopsies Jun-13
Liver Cancer new treatment Jul/Aug 07
Lung cancer treatment in the UK Jun-11
Lymphatic Cancer Manifesto Jan/Feb 06
Lymphoma and young people Feb-10
Lymphoma Association – booklet updates Mar-13
Lymphoma Association – leaflets on rarer lymphomas Mar-14
Lymphoma Association – quality mark Jun-12
Lymphoma Association – Verve Magazine Aug-08
Lymphoma (follicular) – Bexxar Jul/Aug 05
Lymphoma MALT research Ju/lAug 07
Lymphoma (Mantle Cell) – vaccine Nov/Dec 05
Lymphoma – maintenance therapy with rituximab Mar/Apr 06
Lymphoma (NHL) – rituximab liquid radiotherapy Sep/Oct 05
Macmillan and Cancerbackup merge Feb-08
Macmillan campaign against prescription charges Oct-08
Macmillan’s new campaign Mar-13
Macmillan Learn Zone Mar-12
Maggots to heal wounds Nov/Dec 06
Malignant melanoma breakthrough Oct-10
Malignant Melanoma pill Sep/Oct 07
MDS UK Patient Support Group Aug-08
Medical Device: clinical trials standards Apr-12
Microwaving and baking tumours Dec-11
Mobile phone number national database Aug-09
Monoclonal Antibodies May/Jun 06
Monoclonal antibodies – combined use Jun-15
Mouthwash cancer test May/Jun 07
MRSA Aug-11
My New Hair Jun-09
Myloma DNA vaccine Feb-08
Myloma Support Group, Bristol Jan/Feb 07
National Cancer Patient Survey report Jan-11
Nausea Alleviation – acupuncture wrist bands Apr-09
NICE – guidance on familial breast cancer Sep-13
NICE – guidance on neutropenic sepsis Oct-12
NICE – cancer drug rejects level Oct-10
NICE – decision on sorafenib for advanced liver cancer Dec-09
NICE – guidance on lipo-modelling after breast cancer surgery Feb-12
NICE – Guidelines on End of Life Treatments Feb-09
NICE – new drug appraisal system Mar/Apr 07
NICE – rejects abiraterone for advance prostate cancer Feb-12
Nintendo for Surgeons Feb-08
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and seaweed extract Apr-10
Optima Retina examination to diagnose cancer Nov/Dec 06
Outpatient Department Consultation Nov/Dec 05
Ovarian cancer and obesity Feb-09
Ovarian cancer – assess risk of genetic form Jun-13
Ovarian cancer – blood test Dec-08
Ovarian cancer – test Jun-15
Ovarian cancer – tumours light up Oct-11
PASD1 DNA vaccine against myeloma Feb-08
Patientline Sep/Oct 05
Pharmaceutical companies and the NHS Dec-15
Positive thinking Aug-12
Prescription Charges Dec-08
Prescriptions – free for cancer patients Feb-09
Processed foods and red meats Dec-15
Prostate Cancer – new NICE guidance Apr-08
Prostate Cancer – new operation for aggressive tumours Mar-13
Prostate Cancer – Phase I trial of abiraterone for advanced cases Aug-08
Prostate Cancer – vaccine approved in U.S.A. Jun-10
Radioactive bullets for prostate cancer Sep-15
Radioarc radiotherapy machine Oct-09
Radiosurgery Dec-14
Radiotherapy and the NHS Apr-11
Radiotherapy delivery for breast cancer May/Jun 07
Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy effectiveness with oxygen increase Aug-09
Radiotherapy – effectiveness improvement Dec-14
Radiotherapy – report for Department of Health Dec-12
Rhubarb – medicinal qualities Apr-10
Rituximab by injection Sep-14
Robots are not only for the Pharmacy Aug-11
Scan Times Mar/Apr 07
Selective Internal Radiation Therapy Dec-13
Skin cancer – caffeine/exercise link Jul/Aug 07
Skin cancer – home test Dec-10
Skin cancer – new cure Dec-09
Sleeping well Mar/Apr 05
Smoking and Cancers Feb-09
Spa breaks for cancer patients Dec-11
Spread of cancer breakthrough Apr-10
Statins and Cancer Sep/Oct 07
Stem cell transplant to treat liver damage Jan/Feb 06
Stem Cells- use to grow bones Mar/Apr 06
Stem cells – saving from umbilical cords Dec 07/Jan 08
Stem cells to order? Mar-14
Stop smoking – help for patients Apr-08
Super foods Feb-10
Super foods – raspberries and apple to fight cancer Oct-11
Tamoxifen and other SERM drugs use Jun-13
Tamoxifen as breast cancer preventative Apr-12
Tarceva – lung cancer treatment Sep/Oct 05
Mar/Apr 07
Testicular cancer – diagnostic tool Jun-15
Tipifarnib – drug for lymphoma Jan/Feb 07
Tobacco to fight cancer Sep/Oct 06
Transplant aid – teenage hormones May/Jun 06
Travel Insurance Apr-04
Sep/Oct 04
Jul/Aug 06
Tumour location and destruction Jul/Aug 07
Umbilical Cord Blood Bank Oct-08
Understanding Lymph Nodes Quiz Oct-08
Use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer Sep-13
Vaccine to kill cancers Aug-10
Viruses and Cancer May/Jun 07
Vitamin A and malignant cells link Oct-12
Vitamin C and cancer Nov/Dec 06
Womb cancer and activity levels Oct-10