Welcome to the H.U.G Website!

Welcome to the H.U.G. (Haematology / Oncology United Group), Swindon Website.

The group is a self-help and support group, which was started late in 2003 by a Haematology patient, who thought that there was a need for a forum to provide patients with information, to enable them to comment on hospital services and to work towards improving the environment for patients.  The information encompassed not only medical conditions, but also related subjects, such as benefits, complimentary therapies, relaxation etc.  It also allowed patients to try to “get things done” about hospital services.  For example catering, cleanliness, the telephone/television service for in-patients and transport services have received our attention.

Until July 2013 we were getting together both at the hospital and local hostelries or cafes, for informative, interesting and thought-provoking discussions.  There is currently little demand for get-togethers at the Great Western Hospital, so we are arranging to meet elsewhere from now on, with arrangements made only a week or two beforehand.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us by email.

With plenty more photos and updates to come.

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Feel free to contact us at: hugswindon@btinternet.com